►Modern time amusement ride is an attraction with massive visual shock, originated from a classical movie “Modern Times”. People would be attached by its deluxe and gorgeous appearance at the first sight. Of course, this Modern time ride is one as fun to watch as it is to ride, a must for funfairs, playgrounds and carnivals.

    ►Based on Self-control plane ride, Modern time adopts pneumatic control and can rotate freely in the air. The carriages can not just run like UK royal cart on the ground, but also runs up and down and swing left and right, by the self control of passengers. 

    ►Sinorides Modern time amusement ride is equipped with stylish FRP carriages of Industrial Revolution, model of distinguished Charlie Chaplin, cockscomb gears etc.

    ►As a spectacular family ride, Modern Time amusement ride is a good choice for your parks or carnivals.


    ►This attraction has an important hourly capacity, perfect for any amusement parks.
    ►This rides can be also decorated as per customer‟s request.