Set sail for adventure on this innovative family ride Rocking Tug from SINORIDES-China professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier.

    The Rocking Tug ride rocks back and forth and rotates as it rocks, which gives riders the feeling of boating on high seas! This attraction is not just for kids, also mom and dad can have fun too! On the Rocking Tug, kids of all ages, and grown-ups too, will join in a sea-faring ride that simulates the gentle motion of ocean waves.

    The Rocking Tug is an award winning family ride that combines a rocking and whirling motion in one. As the tug boat begins to spin, it rocks back and forth; up and down the half pipe shaped track.

    Come with families for a trip on the high seas for rocking fun! Great Family Thrill Ride!

    This Rocking Tug ride is similar with SINORIDES Mini flying car rides and Flying UFO rides.


    This Rocking Tug ride is suit for theme parks, amusement parks, playgrounds and tourist attractions.