►Double flying rides, also named Super Twist, is a classic amusement ride for the family, made up of 12 arms radiating from a central column with colorful petals on the top.

    ►The seats can be 24 or 40, available in kiddie size or adult size. The double flying chair ride, suitable for the the whole family, has fantastic movements . The elevating column brings up the passengers at height while swinging out reaching a diameter of 5 meters. The riders are given fine feelings not only going around but also moving in a vertical way (wave-like).

    ►This Double flying ride is bound to impress the greatest thrill seeker, but still gentle enough for primary age children, with a high quality sound system and colorful lights for that evening event.

    ►Make this ride the next major attraction at your event.


    ►The double flying chair ride is suit for big funfairs, theme parks, amusement parks, playground, carnivals, etc.
    ►Better to choose the place of dense population to operate, deal with other facilities together, and maintain the equipment regularly.