New Product for Sale: Happiness Storm Coffee Cup

Happiness Storm Coffee Cup

 Storm Coffee Cup amusement equipment is upgraded on the basis of the original coffee cup: the most intuitive change is about its appearance, which becomes cuter, and the color also mainly uses bright ones, making the equipment more gorgeous. Traditional coffee cup's middle part design is not very good-looking, so this improvement is mainly on the transformation of the middle part, so as to attract more passengers. The whole equipment is 3.5 meters high and 6 meters in diameter. It is divided into 6 cups and can hold 24 persons at one time, but its power is not so large, which means more profits to the owners.
     The biggest feature of this equipment is that it subverts the traditional image of the coffee cup, and makes its performance more excellent. The design about the cup also takes full account of passengers' safety, so the safety performance gets great improvement compared to the old ones. Under the national energy-saving emission reduction policy, this equipment greatly improves energy efficiency. When it is running and playing pleasant music, all the passengers can enjoy themselves so much!
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