9 Amusement Rides That Changed the Industry (2)

Blue Star Rides

1963 – The Enchanted Tiki Room Opens at Disneyland

      People have been toying with animatronics for hundreds of years… (pun definitely intended). Leonardo da Vinci built the Automata Lion in 1550. His lion could walk across the room and turn its head. It was truly a marvel of its time. Since then technology has progressed significantly. Disney was the first person to use synchronized audio and animatronic movement in an amusement parks show. The Jungle Cruise ride actually opened before the Enchanted Tiki Room, but the Jungle Cruise did not have the same level of sophistication. The animals in the cruise were limited by technology and their movements looked entirely robotic. The Enchanted Tiki Room took animatronics to the next level. Back in 1963 these witty birds were the forefront of amusement technology. The Enchanted Tiki Room was so technologically advanced that it was the first building in the park to have air conditioning. Imagineering the Enchanted Tiki Room was no easy task. Thanks to Walt Disney’s vision, drive and ability to motivate his Imagineers, audio-animatronics are now commonplace in today’s amusement rides.
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