9 Amusement Rides That Changed the Industry (3)

Trailer Mounted Ferris Wheel

1964 – Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln Opens at Disneyland
      Disney didn’t stop with animatronic birds. A year later Disney unveiled his animatronic Abraham Lincoln at the New York World’s Fair. Lincoln was the first ever audio-animatronic human. After a stint at the World’s Fair, Lincoln found a new home at Disneyland. Lincoln would pave the way for the Hall of Presidents attraction as well as other animatronics based amusement rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and many more. Disney recently added Barrack Obama to the hall of presidents. During the show Obama takes the presidential oath and gives a speech all complete with eerily realistic movements. The newest “A-100” model can individually move its fingers and express emotions with facial features. The first animatronic Lincoln was a bit more limited but he was still able to stand up from a chair speak and gesture to the audience. We’re not sure when robots will finally overthrow the human race but when the time comes we can definitely blame Disney for giving them the sophisticated mobility and reasoning skills they needed to eventually succeed. Take a look at this video one of Disney’s modern Audio-Animatronics named Otto that proves the revolution is near. Otto can scan participant’s faces and determine if they are smiling or not he can also understand participant’s questions and answers. Otto does this all autonomously without the help of a human guiding his responses. If I were you I would start being nicer to your household appliances with built in “smart” technology. Hear me now, thank me later…
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