9 Amusement Rides That Changed the Industry (7)

Rotary Cup Rides

2001 - Soarin’ Over California Opens at California Adventure

      There is a reason Disney is on this list so many times. Soarin’ Over California is a perfect example of how Disney strives to control every aspect of the user experience. This amusement ride simulates a hang glider flying across scenic California. The most amazing feature of the ride is how perfectly it integrates smell. At one point during the ride you can smell tangy citrus as you cruise over an orange grove. The craziest part of the ride is the fact that the smell doesn’t linger one second longer than it’s supposed to. The smell of ocean mist starts to fade the minute your hang glider leaves the coastline. Before Disney came along there was a long history of unsuccessful attempts to integrate smell and entertainment. If you get pleasure reading about other people’s failures, The Los Angeles Times does a good job of describing the unsuccessful history of Smell-O-Vision. It only makes sense that Disney would be the first to provide quality smell-o-vision. Disney has been using smells on their amusement rides for a long time. The dank, salty ocean smell at the Pirate of the Caribbean ride, the wet wood smell on Splash Mountain, the cold dusty smell in the Haunted Mansion are all artificial smells created by Disney. Will future generations be watching their favorite show in 3-D Smell-O-Vision?
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