Quantitative Analysis of Amusement Equipment Investment

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Investment in amusement equipment needs to quantify the analysis, so how can we make this analysis?
1. Leisure or downtown area with large tourist flow (including the night market): commercial pedestrian street, large commercial center, square or recreational concentration place.
2. The neighborhood where the equipment is installed has good visibility and reachability, and wide radiation.
3. Site rental belongs to business land managed by shopping malls, squares and other departments, and it should have business license about entertainment and sports or others related; or manage temporary business license for sports activities according to the requirement by administrations for industry and commerce.
4. Quantitative analysis of tourists:
A. Quantitative analysis of tourist flow: select time points of 11 o'clock, 15 o'clock, 19 o'clock, 21 o'clock to sum up 10-minute statistic number of tourist flow, and the statistical time interval is one week.
B. The target tourist rate: it generally refers to the ratio of 15-35 year-old tourists, mainly students, couples, tourists and other recreational flow.
C. the stadium radiation neighborhood is the ratio for the past the proportion of tourists stranded in the destination.
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