Abnormal Function of Amusement Equipment’s Gear

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      Because of the compact structure and accurate transmission and other advantages, the gear transmission of amusement equipment has become the common transmission mode in the mechanical equipment. The requirements of modern amusement equipment for gears are increasing. It is required that the gears should work in high speed, heavy load and other harsh environmental conditions, and the gear transmission should own good work performance of high stability, high reliability. The factors impacting the normal work of the gear become more and more, and moreover, the improper function of gears is the essential factor of causing equipment’s malfunctions. Therefore, it is very important to study the gear fault diagnosis technology of amusement equipment.
     Because the user’s poor management, illegal operations about the amusement equipment, accidents and tragedies happen, and the incidence of such accidents has accounted for 49% of the total number of children's playground equipment accidents. In some playgrounds and parks and other units, without professional operation staff, there are only amateur staff who just know how to turn on or off the equipment, but the necessary safety issues and equipment operating principle they just do not understand. These people can easily make illegal operation of the amusement equipment. A lot of children's playgrounds and parks do not have specialized personnel for the management and safe operation of the equipment. For the daily safety inspection and maintenance of amusement equipment, without a clear system, it is easy to lead to the aging problem of the equipment.
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