Requirements for the Maintenance of Major Amusement Rides

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     The maintenance of major amusement rides is an important part of the operation of amusement rides. Then how to maintain them? What requirements need grasp?
     First, the maintenance work of major amusement rides should be carried out by corresponding qualified major amusement rides maintenance unit or major amusement rides use unit.
     Second, the maintenance of large major amusement rides does not allow any form of subcontracting.
   Third, safety management personnel and maintenance personnel of major amusement rides should be in accordance with relevant state regulations, pass the examination held by the special rides safety supervision and management departments, and obtain the national special operations personnel certificate before engaging in the appropriate operation or management.
    Fourth, in the maintenance operation process, field operation personnel cannot be less than two; operation should be implemented on-site security measures.
    Fifth, the life of major amusement rides shall not be higher than the relevant national regulated life or design review report’s specified use life. Major amusement rides over the life requirements must be updated, or get innovated by qualified units, and be supervised and inspected before they can put into use.
     Sixth, maintenance should be recorded and signed by the relevant personnel.
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