Super Booster Ride is one of the new thrill rides and also the most death-defying ride in Sinorides. I believe that you must be excited when you see it at the fist sight. It takes customers nearly 50 meters into the air then without warning, drops them at accelerating speed. 
    ►Super Booster is a stand-up, floor-less ride that means your legs dangle under you whilst your ass is perched on a seat resembling a bike saddle. Of course, the force of gravity means you can't move as you're plummeting down towards the ground then vigorously swinging over it but I'm sure it's entirely to make you have a strong sense of weightlessness. 
    ►The material of the thrill ride is the best quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) & Thick Steel to ensure long service life and safety.