Dragon coaster, also known as Slide dragon, is a mini version of the traditional roller coaster amusement ride, extremely popular with people and common in fairground and carnivals all over the world.

    ►The ride is made up of 5 cabins in total, the Locomotive, 3 cabins in middle and the tailstock. The locomotive and tailstock can hold 2 persons separately, and 4 passengers in each middle cabin. The fluctuant track allows the passengers shuttle back and forth in wonderful dragon world.

    ►With technical Tested and Certified by professional standard, the Dragon Coaster ride has high credibility and good performance. With important hourly capacity and wonderful users experience, this ride is particularly suitable for amusement parks or the outdoor playgrounds.

    ►The track, as well as the models, can be also decorated as per customer’s request. This is a real customized amusement rides.


    ►Dragon coaster will fit a variety of locations with a high hourly passenger capacity, especially the funfairs, theme parks, outdoor playground and carnivals.
    ►This roller coaster ride is of high durability (stable light system/mechanical &Electric System) and low failure rate.




    Basic Parameters

    Area: 24*12m
    Track length: 120m
    Height: 2.5m
    Seat: 16p
    Power: 6.5kw
    Voltage: 380v
    Speed: 10-15km/h
    Material: FRP/Steel

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