Carousel, or Merry go round, is considered as one of the most classic amusement park rides found on the funfairs.

    Classic Carousel is available in different version in Sinorides, Double deck carousel, luxury carousel, simple carousel for both adults and kids, candy carousel, and mini carousel for kids.

    Here is the Mini Palace Carousel-a smaller version of Carousel for kids. With attractive design and a small space needed, this mini carousel ride is available in funfairs and small playgrounds.

    Carousel is a most classic kids ride in the fairground and carnivals, getting popular with full ages. The riders take either on the pretty jumping horses, or on the two royal quiet carriages, enjoying a dreamlike moment. Most of Sinorides carousels can be customized.


    ►Carousel both for adults and kids can be customized according to your demands.
    ►Please be sure to maintain the carousel rides regularly.




    Basic Parameters

    Seat: 6p
    Dia: 2.3m
    Height: 2.83m
    Power: 1.1KW
    Voltage: 380V

    Other PRODUCTS