►Space Hunting ride is the newest ride in Sinorides, and it can revolve around the vertical axis and goes ups and downs freely, which belongs to self-control plane. On the top of the main axis is a colorful UFO, and the most attractive part is the big electronic screen in the middle of the it. There are 12 cabins around the main axis, and each cabin can hold 2 people. Passengers can control the operational lever to rise or fall freely, and enjoy the infinite fun. As we can see in the picture, you can also shot to the electric screen to win the game, then it is the second function, and it can be a fishing game.
    ►The space hunting in Sinorides has high security and good direction control. The arms can be customized, and the ride is appealing for the new design, simple operation, and gorgeous lights to create an authentic and thrilling air fighting effect. Whether adults or children can play with it, and it must be popular among families. What’s more, Space Hunting has a great adaptation, so you can place it anywhere you want. Innovative product design, advanced technology, reliable performance and complete specifications have contributed the popularity of our products in the market.





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