Fault Processing Methods for Children Amusement Ride New Carrousel

    Carousel has always been one of the most popular children amusement rides and its update is very quick. How to solve the problems of the new carrousel when it is running? What are the solutions?

ⅠIt cannot start.

1. Electric control cabinets and circuit faults. Firstly, check if the electric control cabinet is working and the power indicator of the electric control cabinet is on. If the indicator is on, it means the power supply to the electric control cabinet is no problem; otherwise, to check whether the power supply to the electric control cabinet line has broken line and short circuit problems. If yes, reconnect or replace the line; if no, open the electric control cabinet to check whether the relay knife is closed and the fuse is fused. If yes, close it or change a new one. If the problem is still there, check whether the circuit of the electric control cabinet connected to the conducting ring (the conducting ring lies in the middle column of the carrousel) is disconnected, if yes, reconnect it or change a new one. To check if there was some dust or poor contact between the conducting ring and the carbon brush. If yes, press a few times with a screwdriver.

2. Motor fault. If both the electric control cabinet and the circuit have no problems, the only reason is the motor. Remove the belt from the motor pulley and press the start-button and see whether the motor works or not, if no, it means the motor is damaged, just replace a new one.


Ⅱ It is difficult to start.

1. Bearing is too tight. Such failures generally occur in the new carrousel, which can be adjusted by using a wrench. It is better to add some lubricants.

2. The voltage is not stable or too low. Many devices start difficult or cannot start because of that reason. This phenomenon is particularly obvious in summer, mainly due to the excessive voltage load nearby. The way to check is to press start-button of the electric control cabinet and observe whether the voltmeter is normal or not. The solution is to replace a larger square number of power lines or replace line access points. The most direct but not the most effective method is to press the start-button, and then find two people to push the market to see if it can work properly.

3.The triangular band is loose. If the triangle belt is loose, you can adjust the distance between the motor and the pulley, or replace the triangle strip with the same model.

Ⅲ There is some jitter and loud noise.

Since the uneven operation of the market, it caused jitter and loud noise. Check if the tyre is leaking or air pressure is insufficient: if it is the air leakage, you should replace it or repair it; if the air pressure is not enough, you can inflate the tire, usually three and a half air pressure. Add the lubricating oil because of the increase of friction between the driving part and the bearing.