Design Requirements for the Safety Channel

Snail Ferris Wheel

      Now there are a lot of children amusement rides, and they always have a dedicated channel. But the fact is that the channel of many children rides is not well designed. For the safety of both the rides and passengers, what design requirements are there for the safety channel of children rides?
1. The amusement equipment’s stairs, support surface for passengers to go up and down should not have obstacles, sharp corners, etc., and they should also have anti-shake, anti-down, anti-fall measures and other safety measures.
2. The width of the stairs and the ramps cannot be less than 50 cm, the tread width of the stairs should be not less than 25 cm, the step height cannot be greater than 20 cm, the slope ratio of the ramps cannot be larger than 1: 4, and the stairs, platforms, and ramps should have security measures to prevent passengers from falling.
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