What are your biggest concerns about investing in rides?

What are your biggest concerns about investing in rides, cost or position? Or something else? Next Sinorides will help you analyze and find out what you are most concerned about:

British Trackless Train
Firstly, safety. No matter what you choose equipment, security will be your priority. The product materials, launch methods and considerations all threaten the passengers’ safety. The surrounding area is also important. Once the equipment has some problem, is there any emergency measures can to keep passengers from being hurt?
Secondly, fund. Generally, the investment of small amusement equipment is small and its earnings is quick, so you can get it back in a short time. The investment of large amusement equipment is big and its earnings is slow, so you need a long period to get it back, but the income is still very impressive, which is based on the individuals' actual situation. 
Thirdly, position. Good location is very important. Usually the small vendors placed near schools can attract a lot of people no matter what they sell because it lies in a very large traffic area. Similarly, if the amusement equipment is placed in people's favorite square or park, it can be seen very obvious effect during the holiday.
Fourthly, best seller. When choosing products, pick up those with bright colors and attractive, which can be widely liked by children.
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