Daily Check of Children's Amusement rides

Whether the children's amusement rides works normally or not directly affects the safety of children and it also directly affects the normal operation of children's paradise. In order to provide children with a safe and secure environment, the daily check of children's amusement equipment seems critical, so what are the tips for daily check? 

amusement rides
1.Check whether the connection is firm or not
The attachment strength of children amusement rides directly affects the solidity of the whole. Operators should always check whether there are loose or falling screws in the various parts of the connection. Once these conditions are found, they should be fixed in time to avoid any accidents.

2.Make sure the cabin is safe
The seat or cockpit handles, seat belts and safety pressure bars should be fixed, locked and reliable, no fracture damage, etc.
The locking device of the cockpit should be flexible, secure and reliable, and no damage;
The cockpit has no crack, corrosion, etc.
There should be something to protect passengers’ head out of the window

3.Check if there is any damage to the soft bag
Soft bags have gradually become a main form of children's amusement rides. It allows designers to maximize their inspiration, but also provides a full range of protection against injury. However, once the soft bag is broken, the exposed part may cause damage to children. Operators should conduct regular checks on soft bags, if find the soft bags broken, to repair them timely so as to avoid hurting kids.

4.Check the circuit
Lamps and kiddie amusement rides can't work without electricity. Therefore, the overhaul of the circuit becomes indispensable. Check if the wire is aging and damaged, besides, check whether the kiddie rides can run properly or not before operating, so as not to affect the child's normal gaming experience, and even harm the child.

5.Keep the playground clean
Kids usually will climb, roll and lie in the children's paradise. If there is debris on the ground, it will easily hurt the child. Therefore, the staff should always check if there are any sundries on the site, if yes, clean them up in time.

Kiddie rides are designed for children. When taking the rides, they should choose those suitable ones and abide by the safety regulations. Watch the warning signs and follow the notes and then let the children play. Childhood is the harvest of happiness, as parents you must fulfill your own guardian rights, protect your kid's life and property safety!