Nepal Clients Come to Sinorides Factory for Inspection

On July 9 2018, one of our valued clients from Nepal visited Sinorides to inspect their ordered rides before shipment.

Nepal Clients

Inspect Energy Storm Ride

Nepal Clients

Inspect Wave Swinger Ride, Mini Flying Car Ride and Thomas Trackless Train Ride

Inspect wave swinger, mini flying car and trackless train rides

After inspection, both parties met together to discuss a lot of details along with all questions from clients when rides would be introduced into the park site.

Conclusion from clients with their Inspection Report after going through the rides in Sinorides:

SATISFIED with the Production Schedule on time

SATISFIED with the Quality and Testing of each Ride

SATISFIED with all of services provided by SINORIDES!

At last, SINORIDES boss Mr. Mike held the farewell dinner to our Nepali Client.