Sinorides Freefall Tower: Jumping Frog Rides

jumping frog rides

     Just let yourself drop without any net or false bottom but with the highest safety standards.
     Jumping Frog Ride offers both.
     The thrill of free falling is already alluring at a moderate height of 8.3 meters. A sequence of bounces further enhances this sensation. The gondolas drop sharply and rotate around the tower so that passengers may enjoy a view of the entire park.
    The ride holds 6 frog shaped seats, making for a total seating capacity of 6 persons. The seats owe their comfort to their ergonomic design. From a number of operating programs you may select the dropping and rotational speed of the tower or set your own parameters.
     Although this fun ride occupies very little space – 6m x 6m ground space in total – the Jumping Frog Ride is a sure eye catcher. There are many ride themes to select from, among others a lighthouse, a palm tree, a Chinese lantern or a design of your own choice. Movement patterns of climbing, rotating, dropping and bouncing will make this ride together with appealing decorations an eye-catcher to passengers and onlookers alike.
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