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2015 – Head Rush Technologies Announces FlightLine

    Alright it’s time for another shameless plug. Seriously though, we wouldn’t be including the release of the FlightLine in this history of amusement innovations if we didn’t think that it was going to change the industry. The FlightLine is the first free fall device to use staged braking to create that authentic weightless feel during free fall. Staged braking combined with magnetic eddy currents means that you can fall further but avoid uncomfortable shock loading and g-forces. The transition from free fall to braking is so smooth we guarantee you’ll still be screaming long after you start slowing down. The main limitation with competitive free fall devices is that they have to begin braking much sooner to ensure that the rider arrives safely on the ground. This limits the authenticity of the free fall and the user’s experience overall. The FlightLine is also the first modular free fall device in its class. The FlightLine can be installed on any tower or platform that meets mounting requirements. The FlightLine is easy to store in the off season, takes up minimal space and is very easy to maintain. We’ve also designed the FlightLine to have a higher throughput than competing systems. We’re hoping that our efforts here at Head Rush inspire the next wave of innovation in the amusement industry.
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