Issues About Double-deck Carousel Rides

Double-deck Carousel is one of the attractive amusement park rides with novel appearance and gorgeous color. It is deeply loved by young people. When the amusement machine carousel horses are turned on, the wheels rotate at a constant speed, and the horses of various forms rise and fall up and down, making the players feel the whipping and galloping.

Amusement ride double-deck carousel is suitable for densely populated places, such as theme park, amusement park, children’s palace, life squares, community, supermarket, shopping malls, funfairs, fairgrounds, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, etc.

Double-layer carousel is made of glass reinforced plastic (FRP), which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. Most importantly, it can be customized according to the site conditions.

Issues About Double-deck Carousel Rides

Pay attention to the following points on amusement park rides Double-layer Carousel:

Firstly, the upper door of the double-deck carousel should open inwards. If the entrance door of the secondary platform is in the form of outward, it is easy to cause the fence gate and the peripheral safety fence to collide with each other due to operational errors. This will make the gate or security fence damaged, thus posing a safety hazard.

Secondly, the gap between the rotating platform and the fixed part cannot be greater than 2 cm.

Thirdly, have a regularly check on whether the carbon brush and slip ring of the inner enclosed central drive device are worn out. If the wear is too serious, it may easily cause a short circuit and fire.