How to Choose Roller Coaster Manufacturer

Many park owners want to find roller coaster for sale for their park business.

The question is:

There're hundreds of roller coaster manufacturer in the world.

How do you choose the qualified supplier when buying roller coaster?

Here we list 3 tips.

1. Quality is important than price

Safety is the most concerned issue.

Some people just want to buy a cheap roller coaster, they don't care the quality of roller coaster.

This is a mistake because your park will be closed once there is any amusement rides accidents.

If you don't know how to choose roller coaster, then buying the qualified one is right choice.

2. Check the testing certificates

This is the necessary step on choosing roller coaster manufacturer.


A reliable roller coaster manufacturer usually get the required certified documents to prove they can make the roller coaster.

While the unqualified supplier has not passed the certifying process and their roller coaster is also unqualified.

What's more, the qualified roller coaster manufacturer will provide all the necessary documents and help you do the inspection for your local market standard.

3. Visit the roller coaster manufacturer if possible


Roller coaster is a large amount investment.

You need to visit the factory of roller coaster manufacturer before placing the order.

The reason is:

You can see the real manufacturing status of the roller coaster and avoid being cheated.

Also, you can visit more roller coaster manufacturers if there're many suppliers in the same regions.


Buying roller coaster need to check the credibility of roller coaster manufacturers.

No matter you choose the China or European roller coaster manufacturer, the above tips will guide you to find a qualified roller coaster.