9 Amusement Rides That Changed the Industry (8)

Self-control Plane Rides

2010 – Universal Studios in Orlando Reveals Harry Potter’s Infrared Wands
      This attraction is almost certain to convince your 11 year old that their invitation to Hogwarts will be arriving by owl any day now. Aspiring wizards can purchase an interactive wand at any of the shops throughout the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and then practice their craft at different stations in the park. When you buy a movie replica wand it comes with a map of locations and instructions for casting each spell. Each location is marked with a bronze medallion. The wands use infrared technology to capture your wand’s movement. If your swish and flick isn’t spot on, the spell won’t trigger. There are also hidden microphones that make sure you’re saying the magic words just right. You can turn on lights, make a frog spew water and much more using spells straight out of the books and movies. One Harry Potter Enthusiast even found a way to use these special wands at home.
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