What's the Scariest Amusement Park Ride?

Trailer Mounted Ferris Wheel

      Now amusement park rides have been a significant part of people’s entertainment life. Since the countless amusement rides in the world, some people may have this question, “What's the scariest amusement park ride?”
        An Internet user named Irvin L. Ortega at Quora shares his unforgettable experience:
“The first time I rode this, I was in the third grade. We were on a field trip to Six Flags Over Texas. My group decided to ride this infernal thing.
At first, things were not bad. All ok so far.
Everything went to hell.
I made the mistake of sitting at the end of the ride. When the thing started operating full speed, I can feel my body jumping out of the seat. It had bars, not seat belts.
I clung to the bar for my dear life fearing falling down or flying off to a bloody death. I was a very skinny light weight kid back then… I can feel my body wanting to depart from the ride into the air.
I lost it. I cried and yelled to stop the ride multiple times during the ride. I shut my eyes but that did NOT help. I think I soiled myself.
I lost my appetite.
Looking at one of those rides makes my legs feel weak.”
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