9 Amusement Rides That Changed the Industry (6)

Candy Flying Chair Rides

1987 - Mount Thebarton Opens the World’s First Indoor Ski Slope

      You may have first heard of indoor skiing when you were googling the crazy attractions available in Dubai, but the Australians did it first. There had been other dry ski slopes built with artificial materials mimicking snow. Mount Thebarton was the first to create an artificial skiing slope made with real snow. During this time ski resorts were making great advancements in snow making technology and climate control. It was only a matter of time before someone was crazy enough to try to do it inside. The indoor ski slope brought snow to an area where it was impossible before. Mount Thebarton is in Adelaide Australia which can be described as having a Mediterranean climate. The record low in Adelaide is 31.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Mount Thebarton Snow and Ice is now called IceArenA and no longer has an indoor ski slope. If you’re set on skiing real snow in the desert you’re going to have to go to Dubai after all.
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