Working Conditions of Ocean Self-control Plane Rides

►Amusement park ride Ocean Self-control Plane is composed of machinery system, pneumatic system and electric system. During the play, passengers can control up and down by pressing the buttons by themselves.Because of its beautiful appearance, ocean self-control plane is attractive for passengers at all ages, especially for children.

►At the top of the amusement ride, there is a lovely dolphin and a big long-teeth fish swimming in the waves. Below them, there are many small fishes swimming in the ocean where is filled with coral. Among these small fishes, there are some colorful LED lights.

►There are four kinds of cabins: pink, green, blue and yellow. Every color has three cabins, and there are 12 cabins. Every cabin can sit two adults, and there are 24 in total.

►Because of its height, Ocean Self-control Plane is suitable for theme park, amusement park, fairgrounds, funfairs and some other outdoor playgrounds.

Ocean Self-control Plane Rides for Sale

►Working Conditions and Working Environment of Ocean Self-control Plane

1. Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz, power capacity not less than 12 KW.

2. When the power supply voltage fluctuation range is more than ±10% of rated value, operations shall be suspended until it returns to normal.Stop operations when bad weather, power outages or other emergencies appear.

3. This amusement ride applies to the area below altitude 1500 meters.

4. Environment relative humidity is not more than 90%, or it will rust.