The Security Strategy of New Amusement Rides in Market Operation

   With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's material level, the amusement rides project have been taken seriously by more and more people. In recent years, new amusement rides, such as the roller coaster, bumper cars in the park, fitness equipment in the square, cars for children, are visible in life.

    In recent years, amusement equipment manufacturers have been proliferated, forming the entertainment equipment industry belt. Every year new kinds of amusement rides and hot investment projects appear. SPACE HUNTING&SPACE SHIP from Swonder were born in such an environment and they are deeply loved by customers.

    When taking the new amusement rides on holidays, the queue will be longer than usual. In order to avoid the spat and accident, please don’t jump the queue. Keep the carry-on bag and camera on the designated shelving when taking the ride so that they won’t fall off.
Select the suitable amusement rides for children, or it may be dangerous. Do not open the safety belt and the security bar when the amusement ride is running. Only when the equipment stopped completely, can you get down.

    In order to avoid hanging on the amusement facilities, please wear simple clothes without long straps when you take your children out for play. There should be no obstacles & sharp angles on the up-and-down stairs and there should also have the security measures such as anti-jitter, anti-slip, anti-slip trip.

    New amusement ride as a new generation of amusement park, only with a new management mode and unique positioning, can cater to the market environment, bringing parents and children a new entertainment gaming experience, create parent-child joy! Make your own unique features, attract more children, create better benefits!